Welcome To Singapore, Libera

Great news, everyone! Libera has just arrived to Singapore a little while ago. I'm glad they made it there safe and sound :). Sam Coates and Simon Lewis has just posted a tweet of their photo of a view of Singapore from their hotel room. Welcome to Singapore, boys. Hope you have a fun tour tomorrow. 
Another 2 more news is that tomorrow at 8.00 am (Singapore time), Libera will be having a radio interview at Symphony 92.4 FM, which you could click here. For those living overseas, click the "Hear Us Now" button on your right. 
A TV interview will be on 8.50 am at AM Live! after the radio interview. Click here to watch the video. According to the admins, live streaming is only available for selected Asian countries.
Wanna find out who's on the interview? Well, we'll have to wait till tomorrow.
Thank you to Libera (Singapore) FB page for the links and updates :). Can't wait to see you guys on Friday. 


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