Going To Japan

Another blog review updated by Libera, guys :D. This time, they're talking about leaving from Singapore to Japan, as Moose professed. Hee hee! You're really cute when you talk about Moose. I like the way they mention the packing up the bags and their socks. And the poor boys went into the wrong sports club. But luckily thank God they found the right one in the end :). Moose likes the snooker room? That's where people play pool. How delightful. Moose is lucky to travel everywhere with Libera. 
I have to agree about what the writer said about securities. Yes, they really are a nightmare. Every time we go through the detector, securities will scan your whole self if you have any metal objects or mobile phones. And trust me, you won't like it. In some countries, securities are very strict. 
And now, Libera is off to Japan now. Can't wait for your reviews and photos from Japan. And of course, official photos of Singapore. 
You can read more of their review here.

The boys having breakfast. Kavana using his right hand to eat with a chopstick. I thought he's left handed. I wonder what food is that they are eating :/.

Karaoke!! Nice :).

The hotel manager gave each of them teddy bears as farewell gifts.

Libera on their plane to Japan. 


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