Libera on Radio and TV Interview

What a great morning to start the day before the big night. I'm sure you guys remember that Libera will be on Symphony 92.4 FM (radio) and AM Live (TV) for interviews. I'm glad I got to watch them on time. I purposely woke up early to catch them ;). 

Symphony 92.4 FM (Radio Interview):
It all started probably after the news on radio with "Libera". After the song, the DJ introduced three boys who joined the interview. They are Kavana, Barney and Jude. Oh my word, Kavana's voice have become lower than last year (whistles). Means that he'll be joining the back row very soon. But for those who have been to Libera's concert recently, you might hear that his voice is a little bit deep but he still can sing very high. Jude and Barney were still in their normal voice. No changes yet. What a funny interview it was. I kept smiling and continue writing my posts on blogger as I hear the interview. I love the part when the DJ asked what did they do during their rehearsal break. And Kavana answered, "We sing!!". Lol! Nice one, Kav. Well, it's true. They all love singing. And even though Kavana's voice is lower already, he still answers normally like what he usually does in interviews. 
Once the interview is done, they end with a song "In Paradisum". 
For those who have missed this interview, not to worry. Jimmy Riddle has posted the whole interview here. Thank you :). 

AM Live (TV Interview):
Okay, for this interview, it shows Libera singing "Orinoco Flow" (the first video I've watched before I became a fan). Later, the two hosts, Steve and Suz introduced the four boys. This time is Kavana, Cassius, Ralph (with a nice hair cut) and Issac. I also noticed that Ralph's voice is also going deeper but not as deep as Kavana's. Still sound normal to me you might say. According to Issac, Stefan is the only older one in the group on tour right now. In other words, the older boys that I mention earlier will not be joining. Like they said, some of them got to stay back for exams. I wish them good luck for their exams. Fighting! 
Back to the interview. What they said is true about passing on solos to other younger boys. Once an older boy has done a lot of solos and his voice has gone lower, it'll be pass on to another younger boy who has high voice. It's like taking over one person's solo. 
One thing that I like about this interview is that the boys did a rap. This is the first time that Libera has done a rap in an interview. I was busy laughing to concentrate on what they are saying. All I remember from what Kavana said is "laptop on the table", something like that. LOL! You guys are hilarious.
Again, any one who misses this interview in the morning or due to that you can't see in your country region, you can watch it here. Just click on the picture of Libera to watch it.

Even though Liam is not joining Libera to Singapore, I'm still excited to watch them. I'm aware of that he's having exams or personal reasons. Liam, if you're reading this, we'll get to meet each other some day in future Libera concerts (hopefully). 


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