The Loose Moose Show Official Twitter

Hear ye! Hear ye! The Loose Moose quintets have made their official Twitter account. Now you could follow them on the link below and get their latest updates, whether it's their upcoming episodes or notices.!/LooseMooseShow

Thanks, mooses. I knew they'll make a Twitter account sooner later, since they had their FB page and YouTube account. 
You know, I've been thinking. Ever since they put up this show, we're not sure why they want to do this show. We all know they make up funny acting which makes us laugh. But there's something hidden behind this entire project. It could be a "Thank you for all the years of  supporting Libera" to us fans. We never know :). But whatever it is, we'll just treat it as a gift from them for the supports. 
Our friend, Inna, has made a timeline of The Loose Moose show. She managed to track down when did it started till Episode 2 part 2. Cool! Click here to see the timeline.


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