"How Shall I Sing That Majesty" on SOP

Yep, yesterday SOP shows Libera singing "How Shall I Sing That Majesty?". It's good to hear them sing again. Of course, it's not the full version but that's okay. At least we can see our lovely angels :). I wonder why SOP videos are short. Anyways, for those who have missed it, Libera posted a video on YouTube today. We were expecting they will do that :). Thanks, boys. 
Below are some screencaps from the video. Forgive me if they're not in a good quality.

Close up of Stefan

I can see Liam just behind Luke. Too bad there's no close up of him in the video.

Close up of Jakob.....

.....and Eoghan

Hello, Thomas and Issac :).

Wow! Josh is extremely tall! 

Now that is already April, it's time to begin the Spring tour :). See you guys in Singapore on Friday.


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