Places To Visit In Singapore

Hi guys. This post is just for fun. Anyone who are going to Singapore for the first time, you should check out these places, besides going to Libera's concerts only. Thanks to Libera (Singapore) admins for the link. Check them out here . I'll also post the places below but won't tell you much details about them. Just comments only. It's best you check them out from the link above or research from other links.

- Marina Bay Sands
That's where me and my parents will be staying. My dad pay so much money on that hotel. Anyone staying there too? Hopefully we can spot each other :). Today they just commercialize this place on TV. Sweet!

- Double helix bridge at Marina Bay

- Universal Studio Singapore
We heard of it but never been to that theme park before. Only my relatives from Penang has. How lucky. The only Universal Studio that my mom has been is in Japan. 

- Night Safari
My mom mention this place before. Would love to go and see it someday.

- Singapore Flyer

The rest and restaurants you have to research them by yourselves :). 
We'll only be in Singapore for 2 days only. How sad. But we can come back again anytime, as Singapore is near to Malaysia. 


Anshu said...

Beautiful place. We also visited Singapore last year and here is my experience of the beautiful country:

Charmaine said...

Thanks for the link, Anshu :). I bet you had a great experience in Singapore. Take care.

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