The Loose Moose Episode 2: Part 1

Finally it's here. The moment we've been all waiting for. Loose Moose Show, Episode 2 is out!! Part 1 has been uploaded so far. Don't worry. We can wait for the other parts to be uploaded while we watch this part. 
The intro is the same as Episode 1, so I won't have to explain that :D.
The first sketch shows Liam, Josh, Alex and Jonathan dressed in their hoodies (not the white hoodies they use to wore as Libera) and acting as gangsters. Okay. That's nice. They were doing some actions. Probably dancing. 
Later, the next scene (still in the same sketch) shows Josh sitting on top of the bench while listening to Beethoven's music on his phone when Liam, Jonathan and Alex came in. They were speaking in a strange accent. And they can't even pronounce "Beethoven" well. LOL!! Josh got to tell them the correct pronoucation of the composer name. The sketch ends with Liam asking Josh when is his new EP coming out. 
The second sketch shows Jonathan acting as a secret agent for America who is trying to find the Russian spies, which happens to be Liam, Josh and Alex. I love the way Jonathan tripped over in the bathroom. These spies were really good in hiding from Jonathan. Like hiding behind the not-so-fully newspaper, tree, wall, bamboo tree, and squeezing together like statues. The most unique one is the trio hiding in a trash bin and came out one at a time. How did they fit in one bin O.o? My favourite part was when the trio climbs up the tree while trying to hide. I was like, "Woah! How on earth did they do that?!" Well, at least they are safe from the agent. When Jonathan spotted Sam walking by, he thought that he was a Russian spy. Poor Sam. He was beaten all up and Jonathan dragging him behind a tree. 
The third sketch was a kind of like a TV show called "Andrew-Dora Taylor Cookery Nookery". It features Jonathan playing as Andrew-Dora Taylor. This sketch was the most funniest of all. I laugh until tears came into my eyes. At first, he was a gardener planting his 'naughty' bushes at first. He got a funny laughter, almost sound like a girl. Well, maybe he was suppose to play the part of a lady. Love how his 'naughty' bushes shakes while trying to water them. And he checks the weather from his Lego block? Okay. Weird. Oh yes. Remember from the trailer? We spotted an orange in the bush. He took it out. "At least this one's not naughty." Lol! At least it doesn't shakes :). And off to the kitchen we go.
We're now at the kitchen with Andrew-Dora as a chef, still in his squeeky laughter. We can also see Liam as Pablo playing the guitar. I guess it's background music for Jonathan's show. No wonder he looks sad. Jonathan must have torture him to play the guitar for his show. As you can see, he was calling, "Please", turns the guitar around, and yelling, "Help", with the sign. He didn't speak out loud but just moving with his lips. Poor darling :(. But I like Jonathan responded to Liam, "Keep on playing, you beast!" That one was funny but I kind of pity Liam. Now we focus on Jonathan's cooking. And oh my goodness! He is putting some egg shells, Lego blocks, scissors and tissues into the mixing bowl. I was like "Ewww!! What the ****!!" But I still kept on laughing. Reminds me of Fear Factor. After 20 minutes in the oven, the disgusting things in a bowl becomes a yogurt. From bad to become good.

What great sketches so far. Good job, mooses. More to come soon :)....


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