Loose Moose Episode 2: Part 2

Looks like their Moose gods finally lets them release their part 2 of Episode 2. Unfortunately, this part has only one sketch. For all Josh fans, you'll probably love this ;). 
On to the sketch, Josh plays Peter McBarnaby, the art man with a blonde hair (actually, it's a wig), kiddie bag pack, one-eyed sunglasses, and an apron. He was also holding a magnifying glass. If you see the trailer, we thought he's an inspector. But we guessed wrong. Well, that's one thing about trailers. They never revealed the real scenes yet. Even for movies. Some scenes aren't in the film but yet they still show it on trailers. 
It's a pity that they only show Liam wearing the fedora once. Because this whole sketch is all about Josh, the art man. But we can still hear Liam's voice in the background. 

Credit to Inna for the screencap.
Love his fedora.

You'll also notice that it's the same backyard from the Andrew-Dora Taylor sketch. I guess they filmed this sketch in Jonathan's house. I don't know.
Now onto filming with the art man in the shed. Mostly is he talks about his inspiration of his art works. 
After his talk, Mr McBarnaby show us a demo of his art equipments and how he uses them for his creation. Love it!
Once those were done, it's time for his opinions but also turn out to be insults due to the fact that Liam asks a lot of questions which makes Peter McBarnaby feel insulted. Poor thing. He shouldn't have tear his artwork which you could see in the end before the credits. He could use them to show to preschool children and teach them about scribbles. 

I wonder if there's gonna be part 3. Let's wait from our mooses. For now, good job, mooslings!! (claps)


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