Shiny Singapore

Today Libera has posted their review about their Singapore tour. I like their title. Really cute :). Thanks, Libera. I'm glad they tried new food like bhatura, dim sum and spicy bean masala. Even if they are not familiar with those food, then it's something that they should experience for the first time. But they're right. They mustn't consume too much food that'll lose their voice. I didn't know there's a toy factory in Singapore :). I wonder which raffles hotel they were talking about. And yes, things there are VERY expensive. About their concert, I've enjoyed it very much. Please do go back there again. 
Click here to read their blog. 

Actually this picture is quite small. But Murkskis managed to find a larger version. Thank you. 

A group photo outside a shopping mall. This pic is also quite small. Hopefully there's a bigger version of it.

Hey! My hotel! Marina Bay Sands :D!!


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