Libera Japan Interview (Part 3 & 4)

Two parts in one shot a day. Lol! Wasn't expecting that but I did expect that EMI Japan will post another parts of the interview of the 5 handsome lads of Libera today. And yes, it's still the same boys. Looks like we'll be seeing them until part 6. 

Part 3:

Mainly is they're talking about their music careers in the future or maybe helping out with staging for the concerts like what Jonathan's doing now. And of course about how did they join Libera. Well, I think we all know the answer to that because they mention this so many times in interviews.

Part 4:

Love how they talk about the strict rules. You should see Barney's face when they said bananas. So epic! Lol! But they're so right. No chocolates, no dairy food or activities that'll use a lot of noise. The rest you'll have to watch the interview ^_^.

Can't wait for the last two parts. I wonder if they'll say an individual message to all the Japanese fans for the end :). Let's find out soon.


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