Libera Japan Interview (Part 2)

Here's part 2 of the interview with the same boys from part 1. Another part of interviews are always posted on my class replacement day :p. LOL! Well, not always. Just sometimes. And what a great way to cheer me up in a time of coughing (which I'm having right now). 

Q3: Do you want to do something if you have free time between the busy schedule in Japan?
Like Kavana said, even though they're busy with the concerts in Japan, they do get to do some sightseeing. Of course, Ralph loves Tokyo Tower, as he mention here. How nice that they get to ride on the open tour bus. I wanted to try those open buses in Hong Kong but too bad I'm on a tour and we have to follow everywhere the tour guide leads us to :(.
I had to agree with Jude. Your hair does get messy from the wind. Ha ha!! 



Q4: Do you have a favorite thing in Japan? 
Cassius likes Naruto. Cool :)! I guess Daniel's not the only one that likes Naruto. I heard of that anime before but never watch it cause I seldom like any anime which involves fighting and martial arts or with long episodes that'll take you forever to finish the whole show. Take me for example. I used to catch every episodes of every anime shown on TV since I was Cassius' age. And it takes a long time for me to reach the end. Especially my favorite show, Ranma 1/2. But I managed to finish them all ;). Yay me!

Q5: Favorite Japanese food?
The usual: sushi, ramen, rice etc. :)

I wonder if they'll interview the other boys in the next part.


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