Japan Concerts

Our dear friend, Patrick, went to two concerts in Japan. Of course, Yuki, her mom, Enyu, Haru and Martin were there too. And my, the crowd is so big than Singapore's. Anyhow, there were no changes in the concerts. Like the same boys, same songs, and same soloists. According to Patrick, in "Grateful Heart", Ralph and Stefan were singing a duet. Luckily we heard Stefan singing his solo in Singapore ;). But I don't blame Ralph. He's good too.
Patrick managed to take a few photos from the two concerts. And Yuni managed to found one photo from EMI Japan International. Thank you, guys. 
Oh yes, during the Meet and Greet session, fans are not allowed to take any photos/videos. Same as always. And they divided into 6 boys.

1st Concert:

2nd Concert:

From EMI Japan Int:


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