Libera PhiliBlog (Part 2)

Part 2 of their tour is up, guys. They're in Cebu now. Click here to read more. Thanks again, Libera, for sharing with us your review. 
Just like in 2009, the boys were greeted with a ceremonial dance outside their hotel. 

Speaking of dances, here's a video taken by kjec15 but posted onto YT by cayleb101. Glad we can all see the dancing part this time. Of course, in the video, there was a singing performance too and the boys were singing and dancing together with the singers. Thank you, cayleb101 and kjec15. 

Okay, back to the blog now. It's sad they had to leave the Philippines soon. On Saturday they are leaving home for London, so it's stated in the blog. But it's okay, guys. As long as you had fun on your tour :). Please do go back there again. We'll surely miss the older ones like Liam, Josh, Ben P, Tiarnan etc. I'm still very curious who wrote the blog btw. 
Anyways, Mabuhay, Libera!!

Nice pool from their hotel.

They were entertained by the Mandaue children's choir for dinner. How nice :).

Inside Waterfront Cebu.


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