Libera PhiliBlog (Part 1)

Hooray! Libera has updated their blog from their Philippines tour. Click here to read more. It's gonna be very long. Hopefully there's more from their tour next :D.
I love the picture where Josh and Liam were playing the piano. In the blog, they were playing jazz music. And Tiarnan was watching. So cute :3.
I pity the boys actually. Because they had to go to concerts or m&g sessions after touring. And I'm sure they were tired after that. They should extend their tour more often. But oh well. Happens all the time. But I'm glad they had fun.

I'm guessing they're rehearsing.

Yep, this is ASAP Rocks, where they sang "Carol of the Bells".

M&G session in SM DBlock.

Libera Playground.

Liam and Josh playing some jazz music on the piano. 
Love the Santa Claus in the background :).

During the concert at PICC.


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