China and Southeast Asia Tour

Do you remember that I talked a little bit about Southeast Asia tour? You can go here to read my post. Well, it seems the rumor is getting true :). Oh boy!! Since they've been to the Philippines, Japan and Korea already, it's time to try somewhere new. Jimmy Riddle has found an article about Libera's Christmas Album called Access Music's online magazine which you can read here. This is the line taken from the magazine:-

"Tour plans for 2012 include performances in China, Japan and Southeast Asia."

Alright!! This is so awesome!! My guess is before the 2 concerts in Tokyo. And do you remember that Mr Philipp said that they wanted to go to China for the summer but instead they went on to the USA? Well, this rumor is true now. Libera is finally going to China. But not sure which part of China they are going. Hopefully Beijing. This can be your lucky day for all Chinese fans out there.
For Southeast Asia tour, can you guess where :)? Singapore? Indonesia? Or my country, Malaysia :D?? Oh boy!! I can't wait for more info. But we must wait for Libera's official announcement from their site. 
But anyways, thank you, Jimmy Riddle and Lexi for the link and news. 
Speaking of Singapore, you remember that I post about a possible concert there? A fan from Dublin named Tony said that it might be true. But as I said, don't get your hopes too high. Just wait patiently for official announcement. Go here to read my post about it.


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