Libera Christmas Album Preview

It looks like I'm the only feel left out on not being active on Libera updates recently (cry). Just kidding! Anyways, Libera has updated a Christmas video preview. Thanks to Lexi for the news on her blog :). I can feel the Christmas feelings already. The footage is a video of the concert in the Philippines and other places. 
First was a clip of Libera in concerts, Arundel and maybe Philippines. Then the boys who talk in the video were Cassius, Kavana, Michael, Barney, Ralph, Jude, Matthew R-A and Nano Ben :). They are now Libera's spokesperson. I love this quote when Michael says, "We're having a Christmas album, umm........which is going to be all Christmassy." Ha ha. You're really cute :3. I have to agree with Nano Ben with the song "In Dulci Jubilo" because it's bouncy and jolly. In my opinion, it is!! Love the clip where they sang "Veni Veni Emmanuel". My fav song is "Carol of the Bells" too, Kavana :). This quote inspires me a lot by Jude, "We hope we make this Christmas more special for our fans around the world, because even if they don't get to see us, they can enjoy at home listening to us". This is very true, especially for me and the other fans. Even if we can't see them, we can always support them and their music. 
Well, it's good to let the younger ones take over, although we might see the older ones like Ben P, JB and Liam in the video.
I love where Eoghan is sitting on the swing. I used to sit that once in my friend's house garden. I miss sitting those.


Bamboo said...

Hey, more videos have come out, showing songs from Libera Christmas Album. I compiled them altogether here:

Charmaine said...

Omg!! thank you, Bamboo :D. I appreciate it. will post your link to my blog tomorrow

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