Eternal Light MV & Photos

For those who got the 'Winter Songs' CD, which is officially released today (lucky Japanese), have seen the new video of "Eternal Light". Take note that it is the full version, not the SOP one. Libera has posted the video. Thanks for the notification from some fans on Twitter :). Libera is so thoughtful. In fact, the video was taken at Primrose Hill, London from last year. I remember Libera posted two pictures from the video too. We thought is the "Lullabye" video but it's not. He he! Don't know why they didn't show it to us last year. They all look so young compare to this year's boys. Sigh! I'm gonna miss their faces soon. 
Hagy and Yuki have capture some screenshots from the video. Thank you, girls. Click on the blog links below to see the caps.

Hagy's blog:

Yuki's blog:


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