London Concert at St George

I'm sure everyone who attends the concert last night must have enjoyed themselves, especially our Libera friends. According to Yuki, she said that London must be very cold. But after all, it's almost winter time. Hopefully we can take the cold if me and my family were planning for a winter tour to Europe next year. Yes, it includes London too :). 
It seems that there are 5 newbies at the concert. Their names are:-

- Misha Lieven
- Oscar McFall
- Michael Menezes
- Bertie Smart
- Lucas Wood

Thanks to Inna for the whole chorister list of the St George concert. The rest of the boys are the same. Hopefully someone post some pictures of the newbies and the whole concert.

*Update (4 Dec): I will not be posting any new post about the UK concert because of some personal reasons, but you can check the concert list and photos from Lexi's blog or Yuki's blog. Thanks for sharing, girls. 


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