Libera on Bliss TV

In case you missed the live show on Bliss TV, Michael has posted a video on the whole live show. Thank you, Michael. This is the first time Libera is hosting a TV show, just that it's Christmas only. The 5 boys were Issac, Cassius, Kavana, Michael (not the fan I mention above) and Jude. All of them were so cute. I wish they would show the older boys. I miss them. Anyways, they were hosting a show called 'Libera's Christmas carols' but they didn't performed any songs in the show. Just the hosting only. I can't believe Issac is 8 years old. So young? Lol! I thought he'll be like 11 or 12 years old. That's okay. You'll grow some day, Issac. And I thought Michael is the youngest because of his cute, baby-face looks. But no. He he. 
For the 1st song which is "Walking In The Air", Cassius sang the first line of the song until he pauses and says, "And the rest I have forgotten". Ha ha ha!! That part make me laugh. You should listen to the song more often, Cassius :). 
Cassius did his Donald Duck imitation! Yay! Miss those loads. I don't know why :).
I have to agree with Kavana about not having silent night. Well, now that we're all living in the 21st century, we'll definitely have loads of noises by toys, cars, trains, dogs. And my, that's quite a lot of noises. But we'll get use to them. Oh btw, love Issac putting Cassius' hand to his face :3. 
It's amazing to know that these 5 boys here are all Glee fans. Ha ha ha! Sorry, I don't like Glee that much :P. 
Funny that Issac can't pronounce Christina Aguilera's name right. And Kav corrected him. Lol! 
That's all about my review of this post. If you have finished reading them, you can go ahead and watch the video yourselves. Have a Merry Christmas, everybody :)))).


Anonymous said...

They are all so adorable! I loved it when they argued about whose the bigger fan of glee. So cute.

Charmaine said...

Hi Zoe. Yeah, I agree with that. They really like glee :)

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