Libera on QVC UK

Thank you for those who reminded me that Libera appeared on QVC TV in the UK. Yeah, I know. Was obsessed with K-Pop songs now. He he! Anyways, the 10 boys who were in the video are Stefan, Barney, Matthew J, Daniel, Cassius, Matthew R-A, Luke, Kavana, Eoghan and Ralph. They sang three songs - "Joy to the World", "Carol of the Bells" and "White Christmas". Thank you, Michael, for uploading the video. I can't watch it live today cause I have to go for church service this evening. And I miss all the fun in Twitter party with my Libera friends all over the world :(. That's okay. I'll try to make it the next time (if I'm not busy with anything). Click HERE to see the video.
Below are the screencaps from the video. There are 99 in total but I'll only be putting a few. Thank you, Patrick, for the caps :). See more HERE.

Congrats to Libera for having 3000 followers :D. Thanks, Lexi, for the capture :).


Anonymous said...

I love Eoghan and Ralph in these pictures!

Charmaine said...

Hey Zoe. You're welcome :).

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