Singapore Concert Video

Oh my word!! What a great way to cheer up any fans world wide. Today Libera and Libera (Singapore) FB page has uploaded a video promo for the upcoming concert in Singapore which is on the 6th and 7th of April. And guess what? For those who are going (including myself), after the concert, there will be Meet and Greet sessions!!! Yahoo!!! Finally I can get their autographs and meet the boys in person. I hope they let us take photos and videos of the session. This is going to be a one fantastic concert experience for me and other new fans. 
From the video, we can see scenes from Manila concert, M&G sessions and part of their USA concert last year. It's great to see new scenes in every video promo for concerts. You can see yourselves in the video if you went to the M&G session in Manila. Can you spot yourself? :)

*Update (31 January): Today Libera uploaded a new video. The same like yesterday's one but with different scenes and it's longer. This time it has scenes from their USA and Philippines tour last year such as the beach, Science museum (Jude as an astronaut will give you a hint), tinkling dance etc. You can have a look at their Gallery page for a hint ;). Thanks to Libera (Singapore) FB page for the update. 

Ralph, Jakob, Luke and Barney outside of Cathedral of St Paul.
Love the way Barney resting his head on Luke :).

Singing 'Song of Life' at Starkey Gala.

Probably after rehearsal for the concert.

After Ralph's solo in Manila concert. 
Don't you think Ralph's smile is so cute :)?

Issac with a solo? That's cool :). Who knows maybe he'll do one for Singapore concert. Can't wait for that. 
I think this is one of their concert rehearsals cause I can see some of the boys sitting down.

The boys at the playground.

Libera having lunch at Cracker Barrels. I bet they love those rocking chairs, especially Kavana :).

During Manila concert.

M&G session after the concert at PICC.

M&G session at SM City North Edsa in Manila. 
Love how Ralph waving at the fans. 

M&G session in SM Cebu. I think I can spot Yuki and Mummy-san in the first picture.  

The boys outside Cathedral Basilica in St Louis. This picture is use for the Japan poster.

Jude as an astronaut in a Science museum in Chicago.

I'm guessing this is after the concert in Cebu.

The boys dancing to the tinkling dance.

Dancing along with the performers in Cebu.

Group photo at the beach at Cebu.

A group photo after the ceremonial dance.

Houston concert.

Stefan's solo in Manila concert.

See you in Singapore :).


Zoe said...

Awww, this was just too adorable! They just love those rocking chairs. :)

Charmaine said...

Haha yeah :D. I like the part where they tried to dance the tinkling dance

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