New CD on March

What's this?! Libera's new album will be out soon on March 14!! Thank you, Kazuyo, for the info. This is awesome :D!! Hope there'll be new songs. You can click here for more info from Tower Records Japan. No picture of the new album yet. Will update it when it's released.

*Update (23rd Jan): There's a new description about the concert in Japan called "Japan Concert Commemorative Edition". Thank you, Lexi and Yuki, for the info. You can click here to have a look at the site. According from the site, the description says: "Greatest hits album release from Libera commemorating her concert in Japan in April 2011." It also will come with special features, bonus tracks, and many more. The reason why they said April 2011 is because Libera wanted to promote the CD there last year but postponed to this April due to the earthquake and tsunami. Well, we can't wait for the booklet and cover. 

*Update (18th Feb): A fan named Shii from Japan has posted a picture of the CD cover for the new album. Thank you :). It looks like the same pics for the Christmas album. You can also buy the album here.


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