The Loose Moose Show

Well, here is something new to us fans and will always be remembered of. 5 boys of Libera (Sam, Josh, Liam, Jonathan and Alex) put together a comedy show called "The Loose Moose Show". It features of their funny sketches. Thanks to Sam who tweeted the link to us. This is the first episode of the show, so I hope you guys like it. You know, this brings back memories during my high school years where some of our seniors put together a comedy drama also. Below are some screencaps from the video. Credit goes to Inna and their FB page which you could like here. Get their latest updates. 

The Loose Moose Show by TheLooseMooseShow

The first sketch shows Jonathan carrying money in his hands and a thief comes and robbed him. And he shoots a person too (not sure who is it). Can anyone guess who is the thief? Josh Madine of course :). It was revealed in the next scene (still in the first sketch). Josh visited Jonathan and tries to return the wallet to him. But Jonathan presumes that he stole it and chases him with a golf club. How nice. If I were him, I would do that too. Ha ha!! This is the first time I heard a person chasing a thief with a golf club. 

The second sketch shows Alex feeling very bored of studying and puts on some music. Love the way he plays the guitar float. It's like he's performing in a rock concert. When Sam comes in, Alex immediately stops the music and continues studying, acting as if he is working very hard. Lol!

Now we have a short sketch of "Love You". Liam is selling a car to Sam. Yes, in case you don't know this, in the UK, teens who reached 17 can drive legally. So that means Sam and Josh can drive. Back to the sketch, Sam blurted out "Love You" and Liam was giving the "I beg your pardon?" look on his face. OMG! I wouldn't want to say "I love you" to a person whom I don't love, except for my parents and my future boyfriend (if I ever had one).

The 3rd sketch is called 'Dr Who'. I have never watch the real show before so therefore I didn't understand what they were talking about or even know the sequence. I'll just skip that part. Hope you don't mind, guys.

Next we have another short sketch of "You Wouldn't". It features various ways on what you wouldn't do to your enemies in real life. Throughout the sketch shows Liam and either Sam or Josh (sorry, I couldn't see properly) except for the last part where Josh downloads illegal movies and getting shot by Jonathan. I wonder who narrates this sketch. Could it be Liam? Hee hee. You know, what he said about downloading movies is true. It really is a crime. Even buying pirated CDs or DVDs. They always advertise this notice here in Malaysia because here we sell a lot of pirated movies or music CDs in wet markets. And police will come and check.

Okay, I'd say enough. Back to the sketch. We have another "Love You" sketch by Josh and Jonathan. I'm getting a bit freaked out very soon. Why they keep saying "Love you" at the end?

The 4th sketch shows Liam played as Dr Jones visiting Mrs Smith (played by Josh) and telling her about the news of her husband, Mr Albert Smith. What amazes me is when Liam pulls out a teapot from under his jacket and two cups from under his hat. Is this some kind of magic trick he's doing? Anyways, after telling everything, Dr Jones later reveals that he prank Mrs Smith. And getting slapped in the end. Poor Liam. This is what happens if you pull a prank which is related to family news. But be careful. Some pranks can come true and it won't be that funny anymore. Trust me. From this sketch, Josh playing the role of Mrs Smith reminds me of Kevin from U Kiss mimicking a female role in variety shows and Pops in Seoul. Ha ha ha ha!! It's a good thing Josh didn't portray as Jessica from Girls' Generation (SNSD). 

Another sketch of "Love You" by Sam and Jonathan. 

The 5th sketch is an award show hosted by Jonathan. The best three nominees of the Most Anticlimax Film Ever are: The Fifth Sense, Norbury Toothpick Massacre and Normal Activity. I love the scene where Alex becomes the pizza delivery boy and spooks out the three people in the films. You should not missed it, guys. 

The 6th sketch features Sam announcing an Emergency Broadcast. Love the Indian accent. I pity Alex all wrapped up like an Egyptian mummy. Well, at least Liam and Josh are safe.

The last "Love You" sketch by Josh and Alex.

The 7th sketch shows Alex annoying Josh while playing on his laptop. Ooh. An Apple brand laptop? Cool! I wonder what Josh is checking on the laptop. Poor Santa got kicked by Josh in the end.

The final sketch shows Josh holding up a 'Gateway to Narnia' sign. It's something like a person trying to con an ordinary simple bloke on the street, trying to get money. In this sketch, Josh cons Liam to enter the gateway to Narnia, in which Liam as the simple bloke thinks it's the actual one. You should hear his British accent. It sounds so cool when he said "Brilliant!" It sounds like Liam got tricked after seeing Jonathan in whiskers. I wonder if he got his money back. Lol. Never mind, Liam. Maybe you could enter Narnia in your dreams. So a little reminder, guys. Don't be very blur when someone cons you for something you desire the most, even for one small favor. You don't wanna end up looking like a fool. 

Well, that's all about the show. If you haven't watch it yet, please do so. You'll like it. Break a leg, guys. Hope you do more shows. Fighting!


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I'm sure that it's Josh who plays in the "You wouldn't.." part from the beginning, not Sam.

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