More Pictures From Canada Tour

Boy! It's been a busy week for me, since I gotta study for an upcoming exams and plus, we gotta entertain our relatives.
But today Libera has posted more photos from their Canada tour. That is something that cheered me up. They're really nice. Can't wait for their official video of their tour next :). Go to their blog to see more, as I'll only put my favorites here.

Jude and Ralph playing hockey.

Cute picture of Jakob, Ralph, Barney, Mini James and Jude at their hotel, Royal York in Toronto

Sammy, Eoghan and Mini James at Niagara Falls Skylon Tower observatory. Is Sammy growing taller?

Mini James and Dylan. He really looks like Michael Horncastle. And is that Liam taking pictures beside Mini James?

Daniel and Jakob at Niagara Falls. Now I can see the rainbow.
Sorry, Lexi. I couldn't see it properly. I thought you saw it in the sky.

Love this picture so much. Cassius and Kavana with the moose.

Group picture!! Nice!!

Three handsome lads, Liam, Jonathan and Ben, in front of the skyline. If Josh was there, it'll make the picture awesome :D!!

In front of the cathedral.


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