Libera Survey

This morning I receive a mail from Andrea, an intern at EMI Classics in the USA. Here's the mail he wrote to me:-

"I got your email from your Libera blog. I'm Andrea, an intern at EMI Classics (Libera's record label) here in the USA. We are doing research on Libera's fan base in the US in order to find out how to best reach Libera fans and provide them with more news and updates! Most of all, we want to get in touch with our fans in the best way possible, here in the United States. I have created a survey - and i would really LOVE if you could please spread it around on your Libera blog or on other Libera blogs that have USA readers. We would like as many USA Libera fans as possible to take the fast and fun survey about Libera. Thank you so much! Here is the link!

Best wishes,

Wow! A survey? I would love to write it but I'm not sure fans from outside USA can write the survey or not. Please let me know if can. I hope you guys can reach your target soon. And thanks again, Andrea, for telling me about the survey. If you want to write the survey, for those who haven't yet, please do so by clicking on the link above.


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