Loose Moose Episode 2: Part 3

Again, my apologies for posting the Loose Moose episode 2 review quite late. This month is a busy, busy month for me, not only just with mid terms but helping my parents moving out some things to my new house. 
Okay, enough talk about busy May. Let's get on to the review! 
The first sketch is the gangsters sketch again, with the same opening from part 1. And look who's in the sketch :D. Sam Leggett!! Never see him that much on this episode. Would love to see you do more acting in the next episode, Sam. Herbert (played by Sam), an A-Level genius who got 8 A's has joined in the gang and was explaining about certain types of bacteria to Fab (played by Josh), the gang's leader, when suddenly his gang appears. Love the lines from Jonathan, "My brother got caught with A-leveled drug yesterday!" because he taught they were talking about drugs when Herbert and Josh were talking about school. Lol! These three really misunderstood every sentence their leader was talking about. For example, when Josh mention "2 degree", Liam thought it's Pedigree, a dog food. When Sam mentions drug, boy, they jumped for joy and Liam took out a fiver to buy "Sam's A-Level drug". *insert cricket sound*. Liam sure know how to make a scene really awkward. BTW, just one question here. If all the 5 mooses are in a sketch, who's doing the filming? Hmm..... that's one big mystery for us fans.
The second sketch is some sort of untitled children's TV program. Well, not really a children's show after all. I'll tell you why later as you read. It started off with Jonathan as KiddyBlossoms waking up. Love his pink tissue wig and blue shiny cape. Of course, there wasn't any dialogue between the boys but only the narrator speaking. Another line I like - "I'm sure he's beary happy to see you. Really more like a children's show parody. And now the fun begins from the beary evil narrator. First it's ten star jumps, second is running up the hill ten times and thirdly, more star jumps until Jonathan dies of exhaustion. And then, this comes up....

Screencap credits to Inna

My heart almost stops when this face shows up. I wonder who's behind that mask. Could it be Josh? Hee hee! As this weird looking mask fellow takes poor KiddyBlossom away, Wild Bear (played by Alex), was lonely :(. So, to keep him company, the narrator recruits another friend to join him. It's Liam as Shiny Sean! *insert children going yayyy!* Love his shiny suit. 
I think he's more like Paranoid Sean than Shiny Sean because he looks so terrified throughout the sketch. I wonder what naughty thing he did that got him so stuck onto the tree. After Shiny Sean and Wild Bear did their marching, Sean took out a pistol and shoots himself. (me bursting to tears) What an unhappy present it was. Wild Bear was lonely again as the same weird mask fellow took the dead Sean away. And his present is to do 1, 000 star jumps. You should see Alex's face. It's hilarious. The reason why I said it's not really a children's show because of the evil voice of the narrator and Liam shoots himself with a pistol. This is definitely parents don't want their children to watch. To be honest, this skit reminds me of Teletubbies but rated R version.  Lol!
Now we come to the last sketch. It's the gangsters of South London again. This time, no Herbert. Just the four boys. Josh the leader talks about an art painting of Monet. I realise that Alex was holding a spray can and then later knocks it away when he said, "No one needs a spray, no one!" Josh's granny got him an art kit. And a huge one it is. How nice of her.  The sketch ends again with Liam's awkward remark. 

That's all the reviews for Episode 2. Thank you, moose darlings. Can't wait for the outtakes next and Episode 3. Before I go, you'll notice that I didn't put any screencaps for each reviews (except those I borrow from Inna). Well, basically, because I didn't have time to capture all of it. But the good news is Loose Moose themselves have posted their photos of this episode, from beginning till the end. I'll post them later maybe tonight or another day.

Gotta leave for college soon. Bye !!


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