Loose Moose Episode 2 Outtakes

I've been busy doing my animation for the Loose Moose competition and of course studying for exams that I forgot to do a review about the outtakes. But at least I can manage to balance my time on work and blogging but no guarantee updates on Loose Moose or Libera news would be on the spot sometimes, if you know what I mean. To be honest, this outtakes is longer than Episode 1. But they never fail to make us laugh with their hilarious acting. Good job, mooslings.

Here's JB looking embarrassed after spilling water onto the ground during filming. He he! You're so right. It's very dangerous after spilling something to the ground. Who's the naughty little chum chum now? :) JK

JB trying to said his lines......

......Liam and Alex end up laughing at the back. 

Here's JB trying to get his razor on.....

......and slipping while walking down the street. I hope you didn't get a foot cramp, JB. Must be cold and slippery in London back then.

And now, it's time for mooses' version of "Lights, camera, action!" Brought to you by the Loose Moose quintets. Enjoy! "Re-cording! Gudluck!" ;)

Guess who started all this? ;)

This is where Josh says, "Shut up!" I wonder how they said it in British accent. 

Love this part where Liam got stuck in the bin. He reminds me of Winnie the Pooh getting stuck in Rabbit's front door. LOL!

Alex to the rescue.

"Okay, now no one move the bin."


Having phones with you is good but not during filming. Here we can see JB trying to act out his part of Andrew-Dora when suddenly Sam's phone rang. It happens not once but twice. Yeah, you could see JB's reaction on the third pic. Ha ha! JB, if I were you, I would be the same. So here's a lesson for you guys. If you bring your phones along for filming, be sure to off it or silent it. You don't wanna end up being embarrassed like Sam, do you?

"Cars" (again):-

No matter how interrupting cars are, you can't stop them from driving. People have to go somewhere somehow. 


Yep, dogs barking during filming. You could get pretty annoyed if dogs barked a lot in your neighbourhood. There are lots of dogs outside my old house and could hear them barking a lot at night but not as loud as this one. Josh, you wanna know what's going on? The barking is what's going on. That's all I can answer ^_^. 

OMG! Did Liam gave gin to the dog? So bad! That owner of the dog would have kill you if she spotted you giving weed and gin to her dog. LOL! 

Aww. The black dog is in love with JB. 

All going back to Mrs Smith and Dr Jones :)).

JB's wig fell off while trying to get up. Funny moment :).

Liam looking kind of embarrassed after seeing two girls who saw him in his Shiny Sean costume. They may be popular around the world but back home they're just ordinary teenage boys. I wonder if the boys showed LMS to their friends in school.

LOL! Alex is so far away from JB!!

Now we know who's behind that mask.

Alex trying to look shocked....

.....but ends up laughing at Josh.


"Tree Trouble":-

We saw this scene about them being on this tree and falling down in the trailer but it's not shown in the real video. Strange. Maybe they want to use it for outtakes. 


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