Arundel Concert

Before I write anything else in this blog, I wanted to talk about the Arundel concert. This happen last night (my time) before I go to bed. I bet it's afternoon back in the UK. Patrick tweeted a lot of photos. And what surprises me is that a Korean woman was at the cathedral first at 7 am. She must be pretty excited to see Libera ;). According to him, he spotted Jonathan and Tiarnan working with the crew. It's good to see Tiarnan helping out besides Jonathan. And plus, Daniel tweeted he'll be joining the audience. Aww, not singing? Oh well. Ha ha! 

Photo credit: Patrick

Here are Patrick's photos of the choristers and songs list:-

There are 26 boys in total. Newbies are Anthony Blake, Bertie Smart and Sam Wiggins. They were not on the Asia tour. Absent from this concert is Ciaran. 

Same as Singapore and Japan concerts.

Well, I guess Arundel concert went better as usual. No M&G or photo after the concert, like what they do normally in every UK concerts. But anyways, congrats, Libera, for putting another successful concert! 
Good news to all Ben P fans. He was there helping Ben C as concert producers. Yay, Medium Ben!! :D Alfie was in the audience too. I believe Bertie is his brother. Cool! 
One more great news; Barney's dad told Leahlo that Libera will be going to China this year!! Wow-ee!!! First is Singapore, now China. Happy, happy news to all fans in China and Asia too. 


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