Loose Moose Show: Episode 3 Part 3

As I've said in my last post, this will be my last post for this blog before I said my good byes. Let's get on with the recaps about LMS part 3, shall we? :)

(How to con simple blokes...again)
Yep, it's the con man conning a random fella on the streets of London sketch again. I still remember this from Episode 1, where Liam got conned by Josh. This time, it's Josh conning Alex about Platform 9 3/4. Does that ring the bell to you? Yeah, you guessed it. It's a famous platform from Harry Potter movies and series, where you walk straight into a wall to the platform that is ready to take the students to Hogwarts^^.
Anyways, enough Harry Potter talks. Let's get back to Josh and Alex. Here we see Josh introducing 'Portal to Platform 9 3/4' to Alex. In my opinion, I felt that Alex is much more smarter than Liam in the first episode. I don't know why but it's just my opinion. Love the part where Josh pushed Alex and he hits the wall, fell down and Josh takes his wallet and walks away. LOL!

The next sketch is about Channel Scot. I wonder who did the voice of the anchor that sounds like a girl. Hee hee^^. We can see Liam walking up the hill. At the bottom it says "Prune. My Favorite Word - By Dennis McHaggis." I guess Dennis here (played by Liam) is going to talk about his favorite word, prune. Yeah, I know you love that word. Pardon the English, Liam, but your accent sounds funny. My guess is Irish accent or Scottish. 

After that sketch about prune, we'll move on to a short sketch with Josh and Sam. Love how Josh twirls around as he walks. He's all dressed up as a French baker. 

Next up, it's crazy Ben again stuck in the shed, saying some Ben words. And of course, he sings a little bit in this sketch. Man, will that guy ever come out from his precious shed? :/   

The last sketch is another news channel. This time is Channel 0 News. I was like "What? Channel 0? Is there such thing?" LOL! These Mooses know how to come up with something we haven't seen before :). We can see Josh, who plays George Finsbury, a reporter of Channel 0 News, pops out from the bushes, reporting about some news. I didn't quite get what he's reporting about. So, I'm not gonna explain any further.


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