Loose Moose Show: Episode 3 Part 2

Hi. I'm back for another review of LMS Ep 3. Now it's on to part 2

The first clip is we see a BBC sports news reported by Sam L. As you can see, Liam, JB and Alex are training for the Olympics 1948. Let's see what sports they will be doing :) (this may make you laugh). And a warning to everyone, even athletes. These sports aren't what you thought it is. It's just for comedy, okay? 

1) Water Polo - put each polo sweets into a glass of water. Love how Alex dump the wrapper filled with the sweets remaining into the water in the end :).

2) Bowling - pass the bowls to one another. However, they made a mess and Sam congratulates Liam. (Me: Okay :/)

3) Long Jump - Um, basically, just jump very high? Lol!

4) 100m Butterfly - I can't explain this because I have no idea what Liam is doing over at the distance. He looks like spinning around with a long (net?) and screaming like a maniac. My guess is catching butterflies. Lol at JB screaming "It's bloody massive!!" at the beginning all covered with blood. 

5) Discus - This is one of my favorite sport of all (not the actual one, but what they are doing). The three mooses, oops, I mean athletes, are discussing about something ^^. They're more like arguing to me in I-don't-know-what language. I laugh a lot on this one until my eyes got tears. 

6) Basketball - put the ball inside the basket. Yes, I know many of you must be thinking of shooting the ball into the hoop. I thought the same too.

7) Rowing - row yourself according to your height. Lol at JB facing his back.

Now, on to the second clip. A horse looking person riding a bicycle around the park in London. I'm not going to explain this much because the sketch is quite short. I'm just curious who is wearing that horse mask. 
The third clip is Alex, who plays Johnny Cups, asking about if you always lose your biskits at the bottom of your drink and your hand gets stuck in the mug all the time. Not to worry! You can always used a pre-diped biskits. Simple put your biscuits in a plastic bag and pour your beverages inside, shake it and voila! Pre-diped biskits! :)
The fourth clip is crazy Ben again doing Ben stuff. I can't believe he's still stuck inside the shed. Ha ha! Ben, don't mind me saying this, but you made me drooling for Nando's now. 
The last clip is Josh as the DJ in da house, along with JB and Alex grooving along to the music! It feels like you're at the disco at night. Good job for being the DJ, Josh. Lol at the technical difficulties with the keyboard.

Part 3 will be up next. Stay tune........


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