Loose Moose Show Episode 3: Part 1

I know I'm suppose to write a review about Loose Moose episode 3. Part 1 and 2 are out already. But I've been very busy with studies lately. Yeah I know. College life is always like that. Anyways, I'll try my best to update this blog. But no promises it'll be on time. Okay. Enough talking about my delays and all. It's time for a review from Loose Moose episode 3, part 1.

At the beginning of the video, we see a short sketch of "Love You". Alex was running down the streets with a pile of junk in his arms. He looks like in a hurry or something. Then he bump into Jonathan (or JB for short) and his junk fell down. JB helped him pick up his junk and in the end, Alex said, "Love you." Lol. Reminds me of the first episode of Loose Moose. This time, there is no long awkward scene, for Alex quickly ran off after he said that. JB must have been thinking, "What the?" And on to the opening. Gee! The opening is still the same. Can't they change it a bit for future episodes?

Moving on to the next scene. The 5 mooses were sitting down on the couch. Liam was telling jokes, which the others didn't get it. In my opinion, I couldn't hear the joke properly. It's either Liam spoke too soft, my speakers aren't loud enough or these 5 boys are talking at the same time. However, Lexi of Mini Angels wrote the quotes down in her blog. I'll put them all down here. Thanks a million, Lexi :).  

Liam: And...then the elephant...lost his shoes! ehehe!
Sam: Elephants don't wear shoes.
Liam: The antelope ran off with the cheetah...
Sam: That's not even relatable...
Josh: Like the cat ran away with the spoon...

Back to the first scene, the guys heard a mysterious laughter. Alex went out to the window to check who is making that laughter. We can see a person wearing a mask (the same one which Josh wore in episode 2, if you didn't noticed), a white long shirt and a skirt walking down the road. Wait what? A skirt?? Okay -_-" I love Alex's expression on his face. Lol. The person happens to be the mystery guest, if you remember the trailer. Guess who is it :)? 
Yes, that's right. It's none other than Ben P!! I never knew he's the mystery guest. This weird person stumble upon the mooses door and when Sam opens the door, we found out that the weird person is gone. Standing by the door is Ben wearing glasses. O_o I know it's weird. One moment a freaky mask person walks to your doorstep then when you open the door, it was gone! 
So, Ben happily greets the 5 mooses, saying that he came for the filming. Ben's high pitch tone makes them like "Uh.....okay...." The mooses took Ben outside to their shed and lock him inside!! OMG! That's the most hilarious thing I've ever seen. 

Now it's scene 2. We see the three cousins sitting around the table, eating their dinner. JB is narrating the scene. Yes, the people are nice, the drink is nice and the food is nice. Everything is perfect. But when it comes to conversation like "What do you do?" for example and when you start talking, no one can understand what you were saying. Love the part where JB pops out from under the table and starts explaining this new gadget from Apul called the 'Demumbliser'. Simply move the Demumbliser to the person who is mumbling and it'll translates what the person is saying. I won't say much from this scene, since it's all about how to use the Demumbliser :). Just one question for Sam who speaks in a cool accent (which I don't know which accent he's using). How many phones you have there? 

The last scene. It's crazy Ben stuck in the shed. Here we see him saying loads of crazy stuff to the paper camera beside him. Poor dear. But I find him funny. 

The best part of all is that I get to see Inna's creation of her animation for Loose Moose ending credits ^_^. Will write about part 2 soon. See you all again. 


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