Taiwan Tour Promo

Libera has just upload a video of their Taiwan tour promo. FYI, the boys are almost here :)! Excited? Sad to say, I cannot go this time due to busy schedules and I can't miss classes again. But overall, have fun for the people who are going. I had my experience. To the fans who are seeing them for the first time, it is your time now :)! And to the boys, I wished you good luck and have fun on your tour :). In the video, you can see a clip of the group singing 'The Moon Represent My Heart'. And Issac, Jude, Michael and Cassius talking about the song. I have to say that they did had a hard time learning the song. But with more practice, they managed to get it right. And yes, they are fluent of the song. Ha ha. Love the way you say it, Cassius. Learn more Mandarin if you want to communicate with your Taiwanese fans :).  


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