Libera Christmas Video 2012 + Loose Moose Show

Yes, it's finally Christmas Eve :D!! So, I should start with a greeting by saying, "Merry Christmas, everybody!" I'm so happy that I got to see Libera in Singapore this year after all the waiting and meeting my lovely friends whom I know so well. I don't know where my next Libera concert experience will be. But I would love to see them again if they come back to Singapore, maybe next two years. Libera just posted a Christmas greeting on YouTube. They are having a Christmas party it seems. This is the first time I hear Dylan talk as well. Happy to know that. 
Merry Christmas, everyone who's reading my blog and happy holidays. 

Loose Moose news:
Oh! And one more news. Loose Moose 5 have also send us a greeting and plus, their new episode coming soon. Ya hoo!! It's about time :DDDD. 


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