Happy Birthday, Liam

Hello, angel boy :). Today is your 17th birthday. Yay! My favorite angel has all grown up. Sigh! Sadly, this will be my last time posting a greeting. Liam, even though you may left the group, but that doesn't mean you gave up on singing. Oh no! Keep on singing and composing :). You'll always be a part of Libera, no matter what. Good luck in the future. And I hope to see you acting more on Loose Moose Show. The picture above doesn't belong to me by the way. It was made by a Russian fan named Xenya. Thanks to her for the beautiful design. I also have a video specially made for his day. But something went wrong when I tried to publish my video to YouTube. The video will be posted later. So, please bear with me for a few days until I get it fixed probably after my exams. 

UPDATE (24 Dec): Here is the video I promised you all. If the video is not working or is block in your country, please do let me know. Oh, and a reminder, DO NOT reupload this video to your YouTube accounts. Thank you. 


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