Singapore Fan Project

Update (12 March): Remember about the fan project where you sent in your written or video messages? Well, the teaser is out now!! Here's a message from the admins of Libera (Singapore):-

We are proud to present to you a teaser of the Singapore fan project! The full video will not be released as some fans have requested for privacy. If you do not see your message/video here, do not be disappointed just yet. Rest assured, your message/video will be included in the full video, and the Libera boys will get to see it! Libera (Singapore) is just one of the supporters of this project, and we duly acknowledge the efforts of all other like-minded contributors, without whom, this project would not have been possible.

Well done. Cheers to some of the Singaporean fans who worked so hard to make this project :).  Since the video is unlisted, click here to see the video. Full credits goes to the fans. Thanks.

14 Feb:

Hey everyone. Listen to this: Libera (Singapore) admins have decided to do a fan project. Which means you can send your messages to the Libera boys. It can be anyone, like your favorite member or the whole group, even the mini ones :). Your messages will be put into a DVD, which will be handed over to them. But remember, Skype names, phone numbers and email addresses are not allowed to be written in your message. Do try to message "Libera" than individual members to avoid disappointments on the new, young ones. Send in your messages through this email: by 29th February 2012. So what are you all waiting for? Hurry and message them :D!!!


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