I'm Finally Gonna See Libera At Singapore

*Update (26 March, 2012): My dad officially got the concert tickets today :D. And as promised, I will post the photo once we got them. And there you have it. Plus, another surprise was I got A's in both of my January and February exams. Doesn't matter if its a minus. Woo hoo!! Two surprises in one day. This must be my happy day. I guess this concert is like a reward for doing well in exams :).

28 Dec, 2011:
Yep. It's official. I'm gonna see Libera live in Singapore, after waiting for two years :). Yeah, I already mention this in the birthday posts. And what's good news is that on Friday is a Good Friday, so it means I'm off for that day. No need to take leave. Whew! And the price isn't that expensive too. My mom just booked the tickets at Sistic website while I'm eating my lunch today. Before the booking started, I told my parents about the concert in Singapore. And my dad approves. Yay! Thank you, mama and daddy for approval. After all, they promise me I can go if it's Singapore. Because before this, they always say no when I convince them for the Philippines. Oh well. I got no choice but to pray. So in the end, God answers my prayers and I'm finally going to Singapore for the concert AT LAST!! Can't wait for 6 April 2012.
We'll pick up the tickets at Berjaya Times Square. Will take a photo to show you guys later once we get them.


Anonymous said...

glad you already booked! enjoy the concert! and please spread the word. Thanks.

Charmaine said...

thanks, Anon. will definitely do a write up from the concert ;).

Bamboo said...

where will you be sitting?

Anonymous said...

nice!! I also want to see them! -- Rachel

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