Venues for Asia Tour 2012

Now that the venues and ticket prices are out, I'll put them all here. Actually, the information about the Tokyo concert has been out already. But it's okay :). It's better I put the venue as a complete piece altogether. Click on the links below to book which ticket and concert you want to go. Singapore or Japan? You pick your guess^^.

1. Singapore

Dates: 6 April 2012, Friday (it's on a Good Friday)
            7 April 2012, Saturday
Time: 8.00 pm (both two concerts)
Venue: Esplanade Theatre
Seating: 1942
Tickets: You can order them from Sistic. They're available now.
               Standard - S$118, S$98, S$88, S$78, S$58, S$48
               VIP Box - S$128
               Box B and G - S$98, S$88
               Box C to F - S$88
               Restricted View - S$98, S$78, S$58, S$48

Oh, take note that the VIP Box and other Box seats are unavailable yet. Only the Standard seats are available for now. Will update when they are available.

2. Tokyo

Dates: 13 April 2012, Friday
            14 April 2012, Saturday
Time: 7.00 pm (Friday concert)
            1.00 pm (Saturday concert)
Venue: Bunkamura Orchard Hall
Seating: 2150
Tickets: You can order your tickets from here or here.
               Premium seats - ¥12, 000 
               Reserved seats - ¥8, 000
               Casual seats - ¥3, 000               


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