Happy Birthday, Liam

Today is a very special day for my most fav member of Libera. You wanna know why? Cause today is Liam's birthday!!! Woohoo!! 

Now Liam is officially 16 years old. And I'm glad he's back on Twitter, although he doesn't reply to fans that much. Oh ya. In his Twitter, he's also putting his compose songs. No singing voice of his yet but maybe someday he will. Liam, I'm not sure if I'll be seeing you in Libera next year for the SEA tour or if I'm planning to see Libera but you'll always still be my fav member of Libera no matter what :). Have a great birthday and I wish you every success in music and life in the future. Fighting! ♥
Here's a nice portrait to remind that I'll always be your fan forever. 

And a video of Liam too. The video is not made by me but by a Russian fan named Xusha. Thanks a lot since I did not have time to make any video. Sorry, Liam. Maybe next time, okay?

Yeah, those are my surprises for this very special day :).


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