Report Video From Guelph

Today they got a video report from Guelph concerning about Libera singing at the Mass with another choir during Easter. They also interviewed Ralph, Kavana and Freddie in the video.
Thanks to Jimmy Riddle from the Libera Dreams fan forum for finding this link. To go to the website, see here. Hopefully someone will upload the video in YouTube. Please endure with the 15 second commercial before the video. Thanks.

*Update:Good news! Someone posted the report video on YouTube!! Thanks a lot :D!!

Libera going up the stage.

I'm not sure what hymn they're singing. If anyone knows, please tell.

1st part of interview with Kavana, Ralph and Freddie.

I like the way the reporter said welcomed with open arms :).

2nd part of the interview with the same boys. I wish Freddie would talk more.
They like Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne and Justin Bieber :).

Daniel and Ben with the choir they're singing with. What a great scene to end the video :).


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