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Sorry I did not post their part 1 of their blog review on their tour to Canada. How silly of me, indeed :p. But anyways, it's not too late to post them, right? To read the first part, click here.
Today part 2 is out :D!! Thanks, dani from the Libera Dreams forum, for the info. You can also read part 2 here, since the review is gonna be long.
Below are the pictures in larger versions from their review in part 2 since they look nice. Hope they don't mind I borrow their photos. Enjoy them :)!
Go to their blog and see the pictures from part 1.

Wow. So this is how snow looks like in Canada.

Concert pics.

Aww. Their moose is so cute♥

A nice group pic with a huge moose this time.

Mini James met a seagull. How nice.
Today I saw a seagull flying across the sea at the beach.

It looks like they really had fun there. Can't wait for part 3. Keep it up, boys :).


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