Pics From Taiwan and S.Korea

Hello all. First of all, I will not post pictures/fancams from fans from the concert, both Taiwan and Korea, as there are too many to post. You can check out Lauren's blog. She has tons of pictures. Patrick and Yuki also post a few photos from all the concerts. Do check them out :). If you're copying them, be sure to credit their names. 
Secondly, Artemis Arts FB page have post some photos of Libera having lunch with the Taiwu Elementary School Folk Singers. I will not post all of the photos. You can go to their FB page to see more.
And lastly, Ny, Libera's guide/translator for their Korea tour, have posted some photos of Libera having lunch and a cake specially delivered to them. According to Inna, they're doing a project every time Libera comes to Korea. Remember the teddy bears and the other souvenirs from their Korea tour 2010? Plus, there's also a radio interview with Jude, Cassius, Kavana and Ben. Ny also have some videos but I'll post them later. Keep an eye for the update ;).

Please take credit to all the photos from each trip, as I do not own any of them. Thanks.


South Korea:-

(Radio Interview with Ahn Junghyun on TBS eFM 101.3) You can watch the interview at the bottom.


(Pics from Ny. Reminders again: pls credit her name)

Aww. The cake is soy cute XDXD!!! Love the little moose.

Oh yeah. Oppa Gangnam Style! Haha. Yeah, they were given each a pair of socks and chopsticks. I have to say Psy is famous among Libera members. Hopefully one day, the boys will meet the real singer.

The interview:-


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