"Ave Maria" Japan CD

Update (Oct 5: 6:41 pm): The album cover for Ave Maria is out now. Love the combination of the pictures from The Christmas album 2011 and New Dawn album 2007. Happy to see Liam there, hehe, even though that picture is old and he was young at that time. Some tracks for Disc 2 is out. It might not be in order but it will be included. 

Disc 2

1. Be Still My Soul
2. Tallis' Canon
3. Sanctus
4. Ave Verum
5. Gloria 
6. Panis Angelicus
7. Ave Maria (Caccini)
8. Air
9. Sing The Story

There will be 2 or 3 new songs included in the album, according to Yuki's blog. I wonder what could they be :).

Update (Sept 23: 3:19 pm): The track list is released now for Disc 1. No track list for Disc 2 and no cover yet but be patient, guys. More to come soon ;). I heard Waltz of the Snowflakes before as I got the CD. See here for my CD pics. But I haven't heard the last song yet. It's probably the one Jimmy Riddle post the link on Twitter on April during Libera's Spring tour.

Disc 1

1. Song of Life
2. You Were There
3. Salva Me
4. Deep Peace
5. Voca Me
6. Adoro Te
7. Ave Virgo
8. I Am The Day
9. How Shall I Sing That Majesty
10. Abide With Me
11. I Vow To Thee My Country
12. Waltz of the Snowflakes from "The Nutcracker" (Libera-chorus version)
13. La Khalifa (Libera-chorus version)

Sept 12:

Besides the "Song of Life - A Collection" CD, another CD is also coming out in November 7, which is called "Ave Maria". It will only be release in Japan only. Again, no song list or cover yet but it contains 2 CD's plus a bonus track. Woo hoo!! I bet the bonus track will be a new song. Can't wait to find out! (thrilled) Lucky, lucky Japanese fans.You can pre-order your copy today by clicking on the links below.

Amazon Japan - ¥2,800

Rakuten Japan - ¥2,800

Tower Japan - ¥2,800


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