Libera's Blog: Jersey and Guernsey pt 2

Just check my Twitter this morning and I saw that Libera posted part 2 of their blog. This time talking about their trip to Guernsey. For those who haven't read the blog, click here. This looks like an interesting blog. It has more photos and lots of activities they do there, besides the concert alone. He he! Well, they always have free time on tours, do they? :) Anyhow, I just want to say something about this sentence:-

"After checking in, we explored the field, playing a huge game of hide and seek and 40-40 home."

I heard of hide-and-seek before but I never heard of 40-40 home. Does anyone heard of this game before? 
The rest you gotta read from the blog. Happy reading :).

Cutie Michael U-R playing hide-and-seek in the fields. He he! Love his "shhh" sign.

The boys playing chess (again). Who's winning now?

St James concert.

The boys enjoying the inflatable gladiator things. At least that's what they called. Love Matt M here. 

Jude the Archer. Go, Jude :D!!

Playing football. Guess which team won? Kavana's team :D!! *audience clapping*

More free time I presume. Sounds like fun. 

That's all about their summer tour reviews at Channel Islands. I hope they had a fun time there. And also to the fans who went for their concerts. One last question: Will there be official photos from this tour? 


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