Sanctus on Japanese TV

Remember my previous review about Libera being on TV Asahi? Well, without further ado, here is the video of Libera appearance posted by a Japanese fan named sunflower3923. Arigato :D. We also appreciate the fans who tried to post this show to YouTube but because it can get deleted due to copyrights. Thanks, guys, for trying :). You did your best. 
Libera performed Sanctus in the show. In the video we can also see the boys getting ready with their robes. I didn't know their robes could wear over their blue polo shirts :D. Yeah, you could say this is my first time seeing them wearing their robes over. I don't know about the rest of you. Maybe it could be your first time too. 
Anyways, back to the subject. After they performed, they hang around chatting, reading books and playing with each other inside the church. And of course, a short interview of Kavana with Issac fooling around behind him ;))). Love that part. 
Oh! Before I forget, here are the list of boys who were in the video. There are 14 in total:-

Michael U-R, Issac, Dylan, Jude, Matthew M, Henry, Luke, Carlos, Kavana, Matthew R-A, Eoghan, Cassius, Jakub and Michael M

Boys getting ready:-

Here is Kavana handing the robe over to Dylan. He's becoming a big brother to the young ones :D. Hee hee. 

Is Jakub reading a manga (Japanese comic)?

"The Amber Spyglass". Nice book you got there, Carlos :).

Isn't that Josh? What a surprising thing that he's their conductor besides RP. I bet all the Josh fans are gonna love this, especially Inna ;). But to be honest, I'm glad the older boys are helping RP to conduct the boys singing. Who knows maybe they'll conduct Libera during concerts ;).


The boys hanging around after singing:-

Aww! Little Michael zipping up Issac's black jacket. Kawaii!!

Love the little Union Jack flag Matthew M is holding.

A short interview with Kavana:-

Lol. Finally caught Issac. Good job, Kav ;).

Issac, you're becoming a cheeky little fellow, aren't ya? But you're still cute ^_^ <333

Borrowing Michael U-R's younger brother's words: "And this is what you deserved!" Lol! Good work, Eoghan. They really behave like any other ordinary little boys when not on stage or not performing. 


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