Libera Summer Tour

Libera has finally made their announcement in their site:-

We are delighted to announce that we will be performing in the Channel Islands over the summer, with concerts on 1st and 2nd August on Jersey and 7th and 8th August on Guernsey.  More details coming shortly.

I knew they'll held concerts around the Europe continent because they wouldn't want to  missed the Olympics back in the UK. I do feel sorry for the fans who were expecting USA concerts for this summer. But don't give up hope, guys. There's always a next time. 


David said...

Thanks Charmaine. Yes I was holding on to every word for weeks now hoping they would come back to the U.S. but its not meant to be this year. I guess that means I can plan a much better vacation when they finally do come back. Love your blog!

Charmaine said...

Hi David. Yeah, I guess a lot of fans were expecting to be USA for this summer. But that's okay. Maybe next year, perhaps? Thank you for liking and following my blog :). Glad you love it.

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