Loose Moose Episode 2 Trailer

*Update (2 March): There's nothing new from this post, he he!! I just edit something and put some newly clear screen shots from the video. But one or two are the same shots. 

23 Feb:-

This really made my day, even though it's an exam day for me today :). Loose Moose is gonna show us episode 2 of their show. I knew they're gonna show episode 2 cause they can't just stop at the first episode just like that. I bet this time they'll have some more comedy and different, funny sketches. This is just a trailer only. Can't wait for the full episode. 

They look like a bunch of gangsters. Lol!

"You have seen comedy":-

Jonathan is planting orchids. How nice. Looks like he has green thumbs :). Even if he isn't, that's okay. But what's that pink toy carriage doing on top of the plant? And did I just see an orange? Weird.  Liam holding a guitar with a sign behind that says "HELP" in front of three candles. What O.o? Strange scene. But we'll find out what is it soon ;).

"But you will never see comedy like this":-

Jonathan again wearing a Mardi Gras mask and a chef's hat. We can see him again in the next scene, walking around, probably looking for the person reading the newspaper :). I wonder who's behind it.

"This spring":-

This scene reminds me of Dr Jones (played by Liam) visiting Mrs Smith (played by Josh). But this time it's Josh with a magnifying glass. I wonder what character Josh is playing. He looks like an inspector. 

"Loose Moose brings you":-

From gardener to chef. Nice one. But you'll notice that he's wearing the same chef costume from the "But you will never see comedy like this" scene and the same shirt from where he was planting orchids with the orange and toy carriage. The only differences is that he was wearing an apron and there was no mask on him. We can see him talking to Sam in the next scene. Wow! It looks like we've been seeing a lot Jonathan than the other cast members. Lol!

"An entirely new episode":-

Josh walking in the backyard with a cute pink bag he's carrying. Must be some mystery scene he's trying to solve (the magnifying glass earlier gives you a hint).

"With a new slant on comedy":- 

Josh in the same costume we saw in the "This spring" clip, chef Jonathan doing some cooking for a TV show, 4 boys discussing about an art work Josh is holding and 3 boys falling off from a tree. Oh dear! I hope you guys didn't hurt yourselves. 

Coming out soon this spring. Keep an eye for it, guys.


Anonymous said...

They are the greatest stars ever, and I love them so much.

You've a nice website; great with all these pictures.

And I still can't wait to see this new episode too!


a Libera fan of Holland.

Charmaine said...

Thanks for the compliments :). I can't wait to see it as well.

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